‘Symbiotic Earth’ Explores Scientific Rebel Lynn Margulis’ Theory of Evolution

A new documentary feature about Lynn Margulis, a scientific rebel who challenged entrenched theories of evolution to present a new narrative: life evolves through collaboration.

Symbiotic Earth: How Lynn Margulis rocked the boat and started a scientific revolution will premiere worldwide in March 2018 at Oxford University on March 3, the Museum Blau of the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona on March 7 and the David Brower Center in Berkeley on March 18. The premieres will launch a worldwide series of community screenings.

Symbiotic Earth is the story of a scientific rebel. A model of female empowerment, Lynn Margulis fought the male establishment and, through her persistence and triumphed.

As a young scientist in the 1960s, Margulis was ridiculed when she articulated a theory that symbiosis was a key driver of evolution. Instead of the mechanistic view that life evolved through random mutations and competition (the Darwin model of “survival of the fittest”), she
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