‘The Blessed Ones’ DVD Review

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Stars: Andy Gates, Tamzin Brown, Dave Vescio, Michael O’Hare, Jonathan Eisley | Written and Directed by Patrick O’Bell

The Polaris Society is set to free their earthly bodies and travel the stars. Their leader, Elyon, promises eternity and all everyone has to do is die. Cult members, Spencer and Ursa are having none of that and go on the run. Elyon is going to save their souls, even if he has to kill them.

The Blessed Ones sets the right tone from the first second we’re exposed to grainy, Super8 style footage that can’t help but be eerie as Hell. Whatever we’re forced to watch, with the adults and children with their faces whited out (or even worse, are they wearing hoods?) and the strange jerky motion, you get the feeling we’re about to watch something like The Strangers meets a very well done Creepypasta.
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