Time travel and romantic comedies: a perfect love match?

Mark Harrison Feb 14, 2018

Christopher Reeve, Back To The Future, About Time, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time: join us as we examine time travel in romcoms...

Love is complicated enough without time travel. When time becomes a factor in a relationship, that relationship may be in trouble. In science fiction especially, time travel is a wrinkle that both brings lovers together and keeps them separate in some temporally devastating way.

Marty McFly almost breaks up his parents before they even get together, Kyle Reese falls in love with Sarah Connor when tasked with saving her life, Captain America misses out on a dance with Peggy Carter by getting frozen for 70 years (still technically time travel, if a bit low-tech), and on TV, River Song and the Doctor experience their marriage in almost opposite directions.

But just as romance factors into timey-wimey movies like Back To The Future, The Terminator and Groundhog Day,
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