Berlinale 2018. Transmissions from Planet Weimar: Anatomy of an Anatomy of an Anatomy

  • MUBI
Never underestimate the power of a title to deceive you. I have dreamed of many films that never were because their namesakes, stirred around for years in the acid vat that is my brain, lead my imagination in other directions. What was I expecting? Abwege. The Devious Path. Or literally, Astray … I wandered into this strange and beautiful film from 1928, projected onto the dull, towering multiplex screen before me—a novel sight in itself—expecting to encounter something wretched and all-encompassing, something Stygian, wicked. A black-hearted vision of a moralist’s underworld perhaps. Abwege. I nestle into my seat, a throne clearly designed for the passive consumption of blockbusters. The cupholder alone is awesome in its scale; those nearby sit vacant. Then the film, accompanied by Richard Siedoff’s fine live piano soundtrack, begins. Fade in. Two women chat with each other on a loveseat, picking away at a plate
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