Thomas Forrester on The Bold & The Beautiful — Everything You Need to Know

With Thomas Forrester back on the canvas at The Bold & The Beautiful, some fans might need a bit of a refresher on why he left in the first place, or even more about the character’s past history. Which is where we come in! After a series of child actors, Drew Tyler Bell was the first adult actor to play Thomas, debuting in 2004. In 2010, he was replaced with Adam Gregory, and in 2015, Pierson Fodé stepped into the role. And while he last appeared in the fall of 2017, Fodé’s return to B&B in March of 2018 could bring all kinds of new drama! Thomas was born in 1998 to Taylor Hayes, and though she initially claimed Thorne was the babydaddy, she eventually confessed to Ridge that he was the boy’s father. His childhood wasn’t exactly easy, with his baby sister, Steffy, kidnapped and presumed dead, and then his mother dying
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