The B-Movie With The Oscar Powered Pedigree – Best of the Best

Tom Jolliffe revisits Best of the Best…

We’ve all seen those trailers before. You may see them predominantly around the time that Oscar baited films begin popping up, in readiness for an Autumn and winter push for Academy recognition. A principal cast loaded with calibre. They get announced on screen. Starring Academy Award winner…, Academy Award winner…, Academy Award nominee… etc. If you look at some films historically, we’ve seen films with four or more cast members who’ve all had some form of Academy recognition in the same film. It affords the film a little gravitas, and the marketers fall upon it with great relish.

Ordinarily these films will be big studio productions. They don’t always turn out brilliantly it must be said. Occasionally these people are brought together in something where clearly, every one of them is after an easy paycheck and the studio itself
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