First Trailer for 'A Leaf of Faith' Doc About a Natural Opioid Alternative

"What if I told you I had the cure for the opioid crisis in my hand?" The Orchard has released an official trailer for a (potentially controversial) medicinal health documentary titled A Leaf of Faith, the latest film from doc director Chris Bell. Even though the title might make you think this doc is about medicinal marijuana, it's actually about another kind of potent, powerful plant - one called "Kratom". Grown in Southeast Asia, the plant is part of the coffee family and is, supposedly, a safe and effective alternative to medicinal opioid painkillers. Why is this important? Because opioids are the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. Really. Which is a bit freaky, but it's true. "Join Chris Bell as he explores the natural world of this never before known harmless leaf that could be the perfect human medicine, while providing answers to all his questions
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