From EastEnders to Broad City: how bisexuality found its place on TV

After decades of underrepresentation, the small screen is finally playing host to a range of bisexual characters in everything from British soaps to Us sitcoms

The bisexual community has always been, rather unfairly, a tad ignored. The B isn’t exactly the letter that jumps out at you in Lgbt, especially now it is competing with a Q, an A, an I and a plus as part of Lgbtqia+. An entire Scrabble board of queer acronym. If not ignored entirely, bisexuals are often disparaged; painted by turns greedy, indecisive, confused or even predatory. But there has been one big boost to positive bi representation and visibility in the past few years – on the small screen.

Gay characters and storylines came out a while ago. That lesbian kiss between Anna Friel and Nicola Stephenson on Brookside happened way back in 1994. Gay sex was depicted in Queer As Folk in the late 90s.
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