Movie Review – Fractured (2018)

Fractured, 2018.

Directed by Jamie Patterson.

Starring April Pearson, Karl Davies, Louisa Lytton, Jordan Metcalfe and Calvin Dean.


A couple seemingly suffering relationship issues escapes to a secluded country house for a romantic getaway, but they soon become convinced that they are not alone.

The first half of low-budget British horror movie Fractured plays as a very conventional haunted house story. Rebecca (April Pearson) and Michael (Karl Davies) are fixing a blowout at the roadside while en route to a getaway in a country house miles away from anywhere. They have a bizarre encounter with a creepy dude at a petrol station and, once they arrive, it becomes clear that some sort of force is stalking them. So far, so generic.

However, it’s as this story is winding up for its descent into third act insanity that director Jamie Patterson pulls the rug out from under the audience. A second couple,
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