Documentary Review: Toward a Common Tenderness (2017) by Kaori Oda

“Some things I cannot resist filming, they demand it.”

Ever since the arrival of film as a medium and as an art, the possibilities of it have been endless. In the influential documentary “Man with a Movie Camera” ,P olish filmmaker Dziga Vertov experimented not only with the medium in terms of form, but also aimed to define the relationship of the director, the camera and the subject which is to be filmed. Considering the medium has made many technical advances over the years since the release of Vertov’s there have been quite a few attempts to re-define this relationship. The most noteworthy examples in this field may be Jean-Luc Godard’s “Adieu au Langage” (2014) and the films by Chris Marker.

Generally speaking, the nature of film theory touches upon that exact link to the audience as well as the authenticity of the picture itself. In the end, one of the most interesting aspects,
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