Cinema do Brasil, Apex-Brasil Dish Distribution Dollars

  • Variety
Cinema do Brasil and Apex-Brasil have announced the 2018 winners of the Cinema do Brasil Distribution Support Awards. The seven chosen films will share $100,000 in funding, to be used towards international distribution. The stated goal of the joint program is to stimulate the circulation of Brazilian productions abroad.

The awarded financing is a mix of public and private funding, 80% being provided by Apex-Brasil and the other 20% from Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Itamaraty Cultural Department.

The distribution companies granted the award must invest an equal or greater sum into the P & A of the film in their markets. Once the film is released, the distributor sends Cinema do Brasil a report on audience and box office revenues for the film, copies of formal bills which demonstrate expenditures and invoices in P&A that prove to be at least twice the amount granted by the award.

A commission composed of representatives
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