Movie Review – Mile 22 (2018)

Mile 22, 2018.

Directed by Peter Berg.

Starring Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohen, Iko Uwais, John Malkovich, Ronda Rousey, and Carlo Alban.


James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) is an elite American intelligence officer working with a top secret tactical unit. When he’s tasked with smuggling a high value asset (Iko Uwais) out of foreign territory, he must use his unique skillset in order to escape the dangerous concrete jungle with their lives intact.

Oh wow. And not in a good way. Peter Berg’s fourth consecutive film with his action muse, Mark Wahlberg, to put it bluntly, is an absolute stinker.

It’s difficult to know where to begin, so we’ll start with the red herring that is Mile 22‘s opening scene. A sequence which suggests Berg will use his impressive default setting as an action director, one which has served him so well in the likes of The Kingdom and Lone Survivor.
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