Biff Review: ‘The Rainbow Experiment’ Brings Volatile Tension to a High School-Set Incident

My biggest takeaway from Christina Kallas’ The Rainbow Experiment is that teachers really don’t get paid enough in this country. Think about new technologies, entitled parents, emotionally confused kids with no outlet, and dwindling budgets forcing them to spend out-of-pocket for resources all while a guillotine hangs above their necks if grade thresholds aren’t met. Suddenly those idealistic educators hoping to change the world find themselves caught in a futile game wherein job security becomes paramount at the children’s expense. Everyone’s back is pressed against the wall as a ticking time bomb threatens to explode … and I’m not even talking about the possibility of someone walking in with a loaded arsenal and grudge to bear. Has today’s stress increased or are we simply too close to it?

Look at the kids too because they have it just as bad. Bullying is no longer isolated
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