Lff: ‘Colette’ Review: Dir. Wash Westmoreland (2018)

Colette review: Keira Knightley is insightful and charming as the radical and pioneering Colette, in this new biopic that takes a look at the early years of the French author’s exciting life.

Colette is a simple and strong-minded country girl, plucked out of her family home and relocated to bourgeoisie Paris when she marries famous literary entrepreneur Willy. The intelligentsia salons of the Belle Epoque, though at first foreign and pretentious to her, quickly grow on the young Colette as she adapts to her new lifestyle. In an attempt to help with her husband’s debts, Colette ghostwrites her first novel for him, based loosely on her adolescence, producing a bestseller and igniting a cultural stir.

As the popularity of the book grows, so does Colette’s need to push the boundaries of societal conventions and gender norms. From lesbian lovers to outspoken manners and an attempt to make her talents known,
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