Suspiria: The Three Mothers Explained

Tony Sokol Nov 5, 2018

An alchemical breakdown of the Suspiria's Three Mothers reveals an opiate of faith.

I don't know what price I'm going to have to pay for breaking what we alchemists call Silentium, but E. Varelli already imposed this knowledge on laymen in "The Three Mothers." The book opens the second of Dario Argento's giallo horror film trilogy about these three ancient witches, Inferno. Made in 1980, it followed Argento's surrealistic masterpiece Suspiria, the remake of which hit theaters this past weekend. The plot line of the Three Mothers is featured heavily in Luca Guadagnino's art-house take on Suspiria, but you won't be getting any spoilers for the new version here.

This will lead many on a journey to discovery of the three ladies who rule the world through sorrow, tears and darkness. They happen to have three homes: one in Rome, where the third of the trilogy,
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