Clive Anderson on Whose Line Is It Anyway? We were making it up as we went along

Griff Rhys Jones ate John Sessions’ socks, Josie Lawrence hit the high notes and Colin Mochrie’s Salmon Man went low. Ahead of three live Albert Hall specials, the presenter-cum-drummer looks back

It seems like yesterday that we started making Whose Line Is It Anyway? Though apparently it was 30 years ago. But that’s how it is as you get older: things long ago you can recall as though they were yesterday, but you can’t remember where you left your car keys last night. Or on a bad day, your car.

Whose Line started on Radio 4 and has now made it via TV series in London, New York and Los Angeles, stage shows in Edinburgh and the West End, to the Royal Albert Hall for the three live shows this weekend.

Lenny Henry and Dawn French seemed to have a great time, but neither ever came back

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