How the Telugu film industry is using data analytics to predict box-office success

TechnologyData analytics firms study star value, popularity and sentiment generated by a film among audiences, to help producers in their promotion strategy.Priyanka RichiWe often get bombarded on Facebook with commercials of those exact products we were browsing through on an e-commerce website, say an hour ago. We no longer need to search for the next episode of our favourite series on YouTube because it helps us continue from where we stopped. Delivery apps seem to gauge our food choices better than we ourselves do, and we are no longer surprised with these human-like qualities of our machines because data analytics is now a reality and has inarguably invaded almost every corner of our social life. If you are social media savvy and have declared your undying love for a particular actor, your choice of a city or even a dress that you like, by all chances Facebook can hit
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