Sundance Review: ‘Big Time Adolescence’ is an Entertaining Journey About Growing Up Too Fast

Everyone knows that one person from high school who is still living vicariously through the memories of a better past, perpetually talking about how they are “almost” going to follow through with the few dreams they may have, but instead giving into the vices carried through from their “prime.” In his first leading role that fits better than Cinderella’s glass slipper, Pete Davidson plays the ultimate version of this burnout character. Taking the scene-stealing supporting role of Zeke, Big Time Adolescence follows Davidson’s character as he continues a friendship with his ex-girlfriend’s younger brother, Mo (Griffin Gluck) in an entertaining if familiar journey about growing up far too fast.

Rather than spending time with his dad (Jon Cryer) or the high school friends that he doesn’t have, the 16-year-old Mo spends virtually every moment of his free time with Zeke. Their activities include getting high, drinking
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