Hail Satan? Review: The Devil Gets Due Diligence

Penny Lane's documentary on The Satanic Temple focuses on political theater not dark arts.


The Satanic Temple is the Merry Pranksters of this generation. No, they're not doling out acid, and they're not the carnal circus act of Anton Lavey's Church of Satan, though they have learned a few tricks from the master magician. Tst's Lucien Greaves wants to use his demonic powers for good. He believes you can spell devil without evil if you use the right spell. His group of elastically iconoclastic faithless may not believe in Satan, but are deeply committed to all his works and pomps, as Michael Corleone attests to in The Godfather. The Satanic Temple is working to take a hex off the First Amendment and Magnolia Pictures' documentary Hail Satan?, directed by Penny Lane, catches all the pomp as they ride their magic bus into town.

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