Baptiste finale: was the bloody, moody Missing spinoff worth your time?

There was some deft end-game venom, but after six twisty episodes the show was so convoluted it became a pain in the derrière. Julien is not the man he was

This article contains spoilers for the finale of Baptiste.

Searching for lost souls in the seedy underbelly of Europe tends to be a po-faced business. But after six twisty episodes, an increasingly bloody bodycount and some rug-pulling family revelations there was the remarkable sight of Julien Baptiste, the French ex-cop played with samurai solemnity by Tchéky Karyo, bursting into gales of laughter. It may have been a cathartic reaction to surviving a nocturnal car chase through Amsterdam boulevards – an assassination attempt set in motion by his secret lovechild – but it was an outburst that felt both surprising and weirdly plausible. It was also a rare moment of lightness in a spinoff drama that has skewed determinedly dark.
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