Film Review: The Villainess (2017) by Jung Byung-gil

Jung Byung-gil’s latest movie wears its influences on its sleeve but still manages to find it’s own beats in this High-Octane action thriller from South Korea.

The Villainess” screened at San Diego Asian Film Festival

After taking revenge on the men who murdered her father, Sook-hee (Kim Ok-vin) is captured and initiated into the National Intelligence Service. Given a new identity and trained to become an assassin, she is given the chance of a new life for herself and her young daughter. As one mission progresses, she starts to learn the truth behind the murder of her father and that the past she thought was long buried is about to erupt with tragic consequences.

They say all artists steal and Jung Byung-gil is no exception here as his movie references several renowned action movies from recent history. The opening sequence brings back memories of “Old Boy” in its downtrodden corridors.
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