Interview with Jean-Paul Ly: “Jailbreak marks the beginning of the action film industry for the country”

Jean-Paul Ly, is an actor and 2017 Award Nominee Action designer/performer, of Chinese and Cambodian origins currently based in London. Trained at the Identity Drama School of London (UK Double Award Winning Part-Time Drama School), Jean-Paul won the “Clive Dailey Award for Best Actor 2014” , for the performance play of “Constellations” (Nick Payne).

With more than 25 years of martial arts practice, Jean-Paul started his work in the film industry in the action / stunt dept, for which he has been nominated twice in 2017:

– The prestigious American SAG Awards, regarding his work on critically acclaimed “Doctor Strange” (Outstanding Action Performance by a Stunt Ensemble).

– followed by a nomination for Taurus Awards on his work for “Now you See Me 2” (Best Fight).

On the occasion of his latest film, “Jailbreak” screening at Fantasia International Film Festival, we speak with him about Bokator and martial arts in general, the film and his role in it,
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