Film Review: ‘Girls With Balls’

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Film Review: ‘Girls With Balls’
Festival midnight slates are always teeming with Z-grade splatter comedies like “Girls with Balls,” which offer the uncomplicated pleasure of attractive young people fighting for their lives in the great outdoors. But first-time director Olivier Afonso, a skilled makeup-effects artist on such films as “Raw” and “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” could have complicated his hillbillies-versus-athletes scenario a little more than he has. Is there a scene where members of a women’s volleyball team spike balls into the faces of their adversaries? Of course. Yet that’s about as far as the conceit takes this chaotic, toothless, unfunny Gallic twist on “The Most Dangerous Game,” and it’s not even enough to reach 80 minutes. Netflix has served it up for less discriminate genre fans, however, who are advised to bypass the default dubbed version and watch it in French with subtitles.

The extreme French horror movement of the
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