Mega Man, Magic: The Gathering & Sims Movies All Cancelled by Disney?

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Update: A representative for Walt Disney Studios has personally reached out to confirm that this story is not true. It is 100% fake news that Disney has canceled over 300 movies reportedly in development. The story originated from a fake list of film titles that someone posted on an Imgur account. Neither Disney nor Fox would have 'hundreds' of movies in development all at one time, and it is noted that if true, no studio would just storm in and cancel everything in one fail swoop. As for the fates of Mega Man, Magic: The Gathering and The Sims Movie, we haven't had an update on those in a while, and all three could very well actually happen in the future.

Original story: Several planned video game based movies in the works will no longer see the light of day, as Disney has unplugged a handful of them in one fell swoop.
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