Henrik Ruben Genz's Erna at War now filming in Estonia - Production / Funding - Denmark/Belgium/Estonia

The international war drama, starring Trine Dyrholm in the lead role, began filming in and around Tartu on 29 August. A new war drama directed by Danish helmer Henrik Ruben Genz is now in the works. Principal photography began this week in and around Tartu, Estonia's second-largest city. Genz's new feature follows his 2017 dramedy Word of God, starring actors Søren Malling and Marie Askehave in the lead roles. In Erna at War, we follow the story of a strong woman called Erna (Trine Dyrholm), who goes to war dressed as a man to protect her intellectually disabled son Kalle (Sylvester Byder), called up to fight. Heading to the front disguised as private Julius Rasmussen, Erna must face not only the enemy but also the love of her life when she meets blacksmith Anton (Anders W Berthelsen) in the trenches. One of the story's antagonists...
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