Tiff Review: ‘Greed’ is an Unsubtle Movie for Unsubtle Times

Starring Steve Coogan as a billionaire who is literally named “Rich,” Greed cannot be accused of being a subtle movie—but then, these are not subtle times. Reusing a comically raspy, manly baritone from The Trip, and kitted out with a set of absolutely blinding false chompers, Coogan is Sir Richard “Greedy” McCreadie—“King of the High Street,” per an opening exposition-via-YouTube, a flashy fast-fashion magnate obviously modeled on Sir Philip Green, the Topshop chairman notorious for asset stripping and general fat-cat arrogance. In Greed, McCreadie’s teetering empire is signified through flashbacks to Parliamentary testimony covering his shady dealings and reliance on sweatshop labor, intercut throughout the looming hubristic disaster of his 60th birthday weekend. You might groan at the symbolism of a modern-day robber baron throwing a multimillion-dollar toga party, was the concept not in fact directly lifted from Green’s 50th.

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