TV Review: ‘Inside Bill’s Brain’

  • Variety
A certain type of documentary has grown in prevalence and popularity lately — the piece that marshals evidence in service of the case that a very widely known contemporary figure is actually even greater than one had previously thought. The vogue began in summer 2018 with the features “Rbg” (about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” (about children’s television personality Fred Rogers) and has continued with documentaries about figures as varied as Toni Morrison, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Luciano Pavarotti — and now, in Netflix’s three-episode documentary series “Inside Bill’s Brain,” Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates. Shepherded by Davis Guggenheim (an Oscar-winner for “An Inconvenient Truth”), we’re walked through the tech founder and humanitarian’s personal history in a manner that grows stultifying the more praise gets ladled on. It’s not that Gates’s current endeavors don’t merit attention and applause:
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