How Movies Helped Revive Slot Machines

The movie industry is one that has lasted for more than 100 years. It has delighted generations, thrived through recessions, and evolved in the decades that it has been around. The business has also helped other industries, especially in the days of the blockbusters where properties have gone much further than the cinema screen.

The merchandising industry can actually be traced back nearly one-hundred years itself, back to the days of one of Disney’s very first cartoons, Steamboat Willie, the debut of a mouse that we would come to know very well over the following decades. Back in 1929, the Walt Disney company was apparently offered money for Mickey Mouse on writing tablets, and while the practice of merchandising movie and television properties dropped off until the 1970s, it has never been bigger than what it is today.

One such industry that has benefitted from using movie and TV licenses on
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