Does The CW's Nancy Drew Believe in Ghosts?

Kayti Burt Oct 9, 2019

The CW's new adaptation of Nancy Drew has no problem going supernatural.

The Nancy Drew pilot, which aired tonight on The CW, strongly suggests that it is possible that the murderer plaguing Horseshoe Bay is, in fact, a ghost.

The ghost in question is Lucy Sable, aka "Dead Lucy," a local prom queen who died under mysterious circumstances back in 2000. At first, the story of Dead Lucy seems just that: a story. Then, as the pilot progresses and Nancy finds a creepy message, "Blink"-style, written behind the wallpaper of her house, and a ghost pops up behind her, Nancy Drew appears to be making a confident mission statement: we are all in on the ghosts.

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Den of Geek had the chance to chat with the cast and creators of Nancy Drew at this year's Nycc.
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