The 26th Astra Film Festival kicks off today - Astra 2019

A total of 126 documentaries will be screening until Sunday in the Romanian city of Sibiu. The 26th edition of the Astra Film Festival, Romania's longest-running documentary gathering, kicks off today with Sergei Loznitsa's State Funeral (Netherlands/Lithuania). Another 125 films will be screened over the next few days, with the festival even making room in its programme for full-dome and Vr sidebars. Besides the four official competitions (see the news), the festival explores various topical and burning issues across 12 thematic sidebars. Europe 30: Inbetweening and Videograms-Romania 1989 take a look at the turbulent year of 1989 both in Europe and in Romania (read the news). Powerful female characters will be in the spotlight in the Power Is Feminine sidebar, with Kim Longinotto's Shooting the Mafia (Ireland/USA), Gulistan Mirzaei and Elizabeth Mirzaei's Laila at the Bridge (Canada/Afghanistan), Zosya Rodkevich and Evgeniya Ostanina's White Mama (Russia), and Ljubomir Stefanov and Tamara.
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