Large Format Cameras Are Changing Film Language, From ‘Joker’ to ‘Midsommar’

Five years ago, Arri announced that it would make its large-format digital camera available for rental, but it has taken a few years to understand the dramatic impact they would have on filmmaking across the industry. Greig Fraser became one of the first cinematographers to jump on board, opting to shoot “Rogue One” entirely on Arri’s new Alexa 65. In an interview with IndieWire when the 2016 movie was released, Fraser called the camera a “game-changer” for being so “immersive,” adding that the “emotionally encompassing” format should no longer be considered only for large-scale, large-budgeted films.

He wasn’t kidding around. After “Rogue One,” Fraser would bring the camera to Europe to shoot director Garth Davies’ much smaller film, “Mary Magdalene,” a story centered on the emotional journey of Jesus Christ’s eponymous confidant. “That’s this intimate film set in 33 Ad,” said Fraser at the time. “It’s all filmmaking,
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