‘Looking for Alaska’ Soundtrack: Listen to All the Songs from the Hulu Show and Travel Back to 2006

Long before a “Class of 2006” banner pops up in “Looking for Alaska,” it’s pretty clear what year the new Hulu show’s characters are living through. Some of that comes from the on-screen MySpace references or the relative state of DVD menu design, but most of that mid-’00s feel comes from the show’s song choices.

As has become standard for shows created by the producing team of Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the “Looking for Alaska” soundtrack is packed with a mix of cozy radio favorites — no chronicle of 2005 would be complete without The White Stripes and 50 Cent and Gorillaz and Jet and J-Kwon and The Killers — and below-the-surface cuts that might just end up linked with some of the series’ most emotional moments.

In addition to some of the most iconic tracks of the day, there are also a handful of covers of some enduring recognizable favorites.
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