Battle over Oscar predictions: Experts pick ‘The Irishman,’ but gutsy All Stars go ‘Hollywood’

In this corner are Gold Derby’s lofty seasoned Experts, professionals who bravely put their reputations on the line by attempting to the fate of each year’s Academy Awards race. They include such notables as Anne Thompson (Indiewire), Pete Hammond (Deadline), Peter Travers (Rolling Stone), Sasha Stone (Awards Daily) and the jockey in chief himself, Tom O’Neil.

Right now, 16 of 28 Experts are placing their bets on “The Irishman” to claim the Best Picture Oscar. But hold your horses, Derbyites. There is a rival gang of know-it-alls who often give the Experts a run for their money, namely the All Star Top 24. A total of 15 users on the site are currently placing their bets on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” to take Best Picture.

The double-dozen crew that includes such scrappy bad-ass Gold-busters with handles like helmetz, Amblin123, Eden, madadude and methaddiction are among the kudos prophets who
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