4.5 Hour YouTube Video Fully Explains Twin Peaks

Out of all of David Lynch’s work, it really seems like Twin Peaks is going to be his defining creation. The illustrious, weirdo director has had a very storied career, almost winning an Oscar for an arthouse piece featuring Justin Theroux talking to a spooky Cowboy Ghost who secretly runs Hollywood. However, nothing has quite penetrated, and confused, the cultural zeitgeist like Twin Peaks.

We have Agent Dale Cooper memes, entire Psych episodes dedicated to recreating the show and one of the most successful decades-later revivals to date. However, after watching even one episode of the cult series, everyone has one question: “What the heck just happened?”

But do not despair if Lynch’s sometimes-impenetrable narrative choices leave you feeling a little lost, as YouTube channel Twin Perfect has released a 4.5 hour-long video explaining every intricacy Twin Peaks has to offer. If you’re confused about the circumstances of Laura Palmer’s murder,
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