Looking Back At ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ & Nicolas Cage’s Oscar-Winning Performance

United Artists/YouTube

24 years ago this month, a new film from Mike Figgis titled Leaving Las Vegas was unleashed to widespread critical and commercial success. Nicolas Cage was, at that time, known for both his acclaimed output in the likes of The Coen Brothers’ Raising Arizona, Robert Bierman’s Vampire Kiss and David Lynch’s Wild At Heart, among others, as well as his more commercial fare with Honeymoon In Vegas (a guilty pleasure), Guarding Tess and It Could Happen To You. The latter film was about a guy named Charles Lang, a police officer who promises Bridget Fonda’s waitress a share of his winnings should he win the lottery, in lieu of a tip. Of course, Lang does win, but a year after the release of It Could Happen To You, life would imitate art as Cage would go on to essentially win the lottery in real life,
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