Clive Barker’s Books of Blood Movie Set for Hulu

Joseph Baxter Nov 1, 2019

Hulu is adapting Clive Barker’s story collection, Books of Blood, as a movie, adding Star Trek director Brannon Braga and a stacked cast.

Books of Blood, the 1984-1985 six-volume short story collection that first brought maestro of macabre Clive Barker to prominence, is getting a feature film treatment. However, don’t expect to find said film at theaters, VOD, or, for that matter, even Netflix. – It’s coming to Hulu!

Brannon Braga, the veteran writer and producer of the Star Trek franchise, will be the driving force behind Hulu’s Books of Blood in a move that will certainly delight Trekkies… well, the ones who can appreciate hellishly twisted creatures and ambulatory flayed people. The project will be the feature directorial debut for Braga, who’s also serving as executive producer, set to co-write with Adam Simon, who worked with him on Wgn America series Salem.
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