Madam Secretary: Brawl Breaks Out on Set of CBS Drama

There was high drama on the Madam Secretary set on Friday, and it was most definitely not scripted.

According to TMZ, police were called to the set of the CBS drama series when a fight broke out among background actors. 

This is said to have played out immediately after leading lady Tea Leoni filmed a scene in which she delivered a speech.

The outlet states that a background actor started a fight at the snacks and refreshments table. Yes, really. 

Yes, this whole thing seemingly kicked off because of food. 

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Apparently, there were over a hundred background actors involved in the scene above, and things are said to have taken a horrifying turn when they "swarmed" the coffee and snacks table during a break.  

TMZ says that one actor cut the line, and a female staffer on the set told him to get to the back.
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