The Music Of George Michael Swirls Around The Romantic Tale “Last Christmas”

Ever since the very first Trailer for Last Christmas was released, something felt…off. The story shown just seemed to be hiding a little bit of information. This led to subsequent analysis and over analysis of the little bit of footage, leading to wild theories about what could be happening within this holiday season romantic tale. Well, now that I’ve seen it and the embargo has lifted, I can report that while there is a degree of accuracy to some theories, it’s also a disservice to an otherwise fairly serviceable film. In fact, the plot itself probably would have been better off keeping things simple. At least there’s George Michael music throughout the flick, right? Alas, it’s not nearly enough. The movie is a romantic holiday story, following a troubled young woman. For Kate (Emilia Clarke), bad choices are a way of life, only compounded by
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