From “A Tin Full Of Tarts” To World Beaters: Hit Documentary ‘Maiden’ Charts Historic Course Of All-Female Yachting Team

  • Deadline
British sailor Tracy Edwards has faced some major obstacles in her time, like ocean swells of stunning size.

“You’ve got these big following waves,” she says of the southern ocean, “these massive waves which sort of blot out the sky at some point and it feels like it’s chasing you.”

Edwards faced obstacles of a different sort in 1989 when she formed the first all-female crew to compete in the dangerous Whitbread Round the World yachting race. Doubters predicted the team would fail to complete a single leg. One sailing journalist, Bob Fisher, dismissed them as a “tin full of tarts.”

“I realized very quickly that people didn’t think women could do it,” she tells Deadline. “That’s when I thought I’m doing this for everyone. I’m doing this for every woman everywhere.”

The dramatic story of how Edwards got into the race and defied expectations
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