Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5 Review: Mother? I'm at La Mirage

There's always a party on Dynasty. 

Fallon was on her worst behavior on Dynasty Season 3 Episode 5 as she attempted to get her company, Femperial, back from Kirby, and went to extreme lengths to make her seem ill-fit for the role. 

It was all very sad, even for Fallon, who spoke of "women empowerment" as she started pumping Kirby with alcohol to shame her and make her out to be an alcoholic. 

Every one of the Carringtons does questionable things, but this girl-on-girl crime had to be the lowest of them all. 

Sabotaging a judge (classic Cristal) is one thing; attacking someone that's supposed to be your friend is downright terrible.  

Kirby deserves a cold shoulder or two since she didn't play nice when she broke Fallon's trust and took Femperial from her, but Fallon took it too far. 

There were other ways to get her message across.

Or, crazy idea,
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