Anthony Mackie On Bringing Truth To ‘Seberg’ & ‘The Banker’ & How He Felt “Extremely Emotional” Taking On The Captain America Mantle

  • Deadline
He may have been given the Captain America shield in Marvel blockbuster Avengers: Endgame, but Anthony Mackie shows a more serious side with Seberg. He plays Hakim Jamal, the real-life Black Panthers activist whose relationship with the French New Wave actress (Kristen Stewart) led to her being targeted by the FBI during the late 1960s. Mackie also produced and stars in The Banker—the true tale of the first African American banker in the U.S. Getting the latter financed taught him a lot about the industry, he says, while telling the story of the hounded Jean Seberg has made him grateful for his own privacy.

Deadline: What was it about this true story of Jean Seberg’s treatment by the FBI, because of her allegiance to the Black Panther organization that was so interesting to you?

Anthony MacKie: I wasn’t familiar with her story at all,
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