Joker Director Thanks Fans for $1B Box Office Success

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Joker Director Thanks Fans for $1B Box Office Success
Todd Phillips thanks the fans for the Joker's $1 billion box office success. The unorthodox movie based on The Clown Prince of Crime became an unexpected box office explosion. Before the movie was released, there weren't a lot of people estimating that it was going to be as massive as it has proved to be, mainly due to the controversy surrounding it before it hit theaters. At the time, it seemed that the controversy was going to have a negative effect on ticket sales.

The controversy ended up being the best free publicity Joker could have ever received. Joaquin Phoenix and Todd Phillips tried to avoid the subject in interviews, but it was inescapable. In the end, the fans helped bring the movie to the top with word of mouth advertising, which is what Phillips is using to celebrate the box office success. Normally when a movie crosses the $1 billion mark,
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