Sergio Pablos (‘Klaus’ director) asked if ‘Hannibal and Jason were getting origin stories, why not Santa? [Exclusive Video Interview]

Back in 2010, Sergio Pablos couldn’t help but take note of all the origin stories that were being made into movies. “Even Hannibal Lecter and Jason were getting origin stories,” he tells us in our recent webchat (watch the exclusive video above). This led him to think about telling an animated origin story of some historical or literary figure. When he first thought of the idea of doing one on Santa Claus, he quickly tossed it aside believing it was too corny but he kept coming back to the idea. The cementing was when he settled on how to frame the story. “Usually stories come together for me when I find the irony which was, what if everything that’s good about Santa came through the actions of the worst human being I can conceive of?”

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