Vale Martin Armiger, gifted musician, composer and teacher

Martin Armiger.

Martin Armiger, composer or music arranger of such movies as Yahoo Serious’ Young Einstein, Alex Proyas’ Dark City, Cherie Nowlan’s Thank God He Met Lizzie, Jane Campion’s Sweetie and Kriv Stenders’ Red Dog, has died in France, aged 70.

UK-born, he began his career as a singer, songwriter and guitarist for legendary Melbourne-based rock band The Sports.

In 1972 he embarked on composing, initially on a short film called Drac. From From 1984 he was the musical director for the the ABC series Sweet and Sour as well as providing backing vocals, lead guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, drums and lyrics and producing the soundtrack album.

His other screen credits include the series The Secret Life of Us, The Surgeon, Come In Spinner and Police Rescue and the documentary Cane Toads.

For 14 years he was the head of screen music at the Australian Film Television and Radio School, where he
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