How The Movies Told Us 2019 Would Be

Mark Harrison Dec 3, 2019

Blade Runner, Akira, and The Running Man are all set in 2019 – now that it’s December, we reflect upon movie futures-now-past…

This article comes from Den of Geek UK.

The future isn’t what it used to be. More than most decades, the 2010s have proven to be quite unlike the films that posited what they would be like. 2010 was supposed to be The Year We Make Contact. 2012 didn’t pan out like a Roland Emmerich movie after all. And as for 2015, countless words have already been written comparing reality to the vision of Back to the Future Part II. They had flying cars; we had that dress that was either white and gold or black and blue.

We’re over all that now, but as we approach the 2020s, how does 2019 measure up? For one reason or another, a lot of major genre movies of the
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