Why Baby Yoda Unequivocally, Unfortunately Rules (Column)

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Why Baby Yoda Unequivocally, Unfortunately Rules (Column)
I don’t know what I expected from “The Mandalorian,” but it sure wasn’t falling in obsessive puppy love with a tiny mint green creature whose favorite pastime is snacking on space frogs. And yet that’s exactly where I find myself now, three weeks into an infuriating obsession with the show’s so-called “Baby Yoda” that I can’t seem to kick. As my very wise Variety colleague Meg Zukin puts it, there’s just something about Baby Yoda that makes you want to treasure it as “a pet and a friend and an actual baby.” I know I’m being manipulated into brand loyalty (watch “The Mandalorian” and all your classic “Star Wars” favorites on Disney Plus!), and yet it renders me completely useless as a critical viewer of television. In a single blink of its giant bug eyes, Baby Yoda has me reaching for my TV
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