The Wolf's Call review – lots of sweaty sub-on-sub action

This French mashup of Dr Strangelove and The Hunt for Red October features lots of tense silence, sweaty faces and all the other tropes of submarine movies

There is some serious sub-on-sub action in this watchable undersea action thriller from the French cultural diplomat turned graphic novelist and film-maker Antonin Baudry, who mashes up Dr Strangelove, The Sum of All Fears and The Hunt for Red October. It features Mathieu Kassovitz and Reda Kateb as cucumber-cool nuclear submarine commanders, Omar Sy as the tough second-in-command, and François Civil as Chanteraide, a savant-genius “acoustic warfare analyst” – an earphone-wearing military geek with super-hearing who can tell from tiny bleeps and eerie echoes in the vast oceanic depths what kind of sub they’re facing and where it is.

The setting is France, proud possessor of an independent nuclear deterrent. But the French are tricked by a rogue terrorist fanatic into activating the
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