One McU Character’s Already Been Played By Three Different Actors

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (McU) is certainly no stranger to recasting characters. Just look at what they did with the Hulk and War Machine. The former was played by Ed Norton before Mark Ruffalo stepped in while the latter was first brought to life by Terrence Howard, before he was replaced with Don Cheadle. But there’s one character who’s actually had three actors portray him so far and he’s not even that prominent a figure in the franchise.

We’re talking, of course, about Howard Stark. Sure, as the father of Tony, who is arguably the beating heart of the McU, he’s a fairly important character, but he hasn’t had a tremendous amount of screentime over his cinematic career and yet, three different individuals have had the honor of playing him.

This interesting find comes to us from the folks over at ScreenRant, so kudos to them for noticing.
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