How ‘Joker’ Editor Jeff Groth Helped Transform Arthur Fleck

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How ‘Joker’ Editor Jeff Groth Helped Transform Arthur Fleck
Editor Jeff Groth worked with “Joker” director Todd Phillips on “The Hangover Part III” before landing the blockbuster drama starring Joaquin Phoenix.

You cut the film as consecutively as possible so you could see the progression of the character while you were still editing. Can you talk a little bit about that?

With a movie called “Joker,” you know quite solidly where you’re going to land at the end. So it was about how are we getting and moving forward to that? It’s [about] the progression from beginning to end. It starts in one particular place and ends in another; we always look and kind of see where we were in our timeline of Arthur [transforming into] Joker.

You were also able to cut the movie with some of the score rather than temp track — did that make a difference to the editing process?

It made a big difference. There were
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