New A Quiet Place: Part II Photo Introduces Cillian Murphy’s Stranger

It appears we’ve only just scratched the surface of John Krasinski’s alien-infested world.

A Quiet Place, the 2018 sleeper hit, thrust viewers into the thick of an apocalyptic wasteland. The human race has been decimated, blind extra-terrestrials have inherited the Earth, and a single sound – regardless of whether it’s a squeak or a scream – could be your last. Without divulging too much, it’s a fiercely original thriller that pushes you towards the edge of your seat, and while Krasinski’s directorial breakout is relatively self-contained, the story will continue later this year with A Quiet Place: Part II.

Slated for a theatrical release in March, the horror sequel expands the lore far beyond the Abbott family, offering a better look at this ravaged world and those who managed to survive. But as Cillian Murphy’s character intones: “the people that are left? They’re not the kind of people worth saving.
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